Questions and Answers

March 13, 2023

Questions about the delivery of the apartments

How will the delivery take place and with whom? Will there be a delivery document containing any action or recovery points?

We invite every buyer to inspect the apartment with us before delivery at the notary, but this visit is not necessary. All apartments are also checked by us for defects and all guarantees remain in effect.

Any findings are written down, after which the contractor is given a period of 4 weeks to resolve them.

What is the recovery period? Does the owner have to be in Spain for this?

Normally the term is 4 weeks. The owner does not have to be in Spain, but you are of course welcome.

Does an amount of the purchase price remain in deposit?

No, there is no usual depot in Spain.

Is there a guarantee on the installations?

Of course there are the usual guarantees on all installations. After the transfer of ownership, several documents, including a brochure from the architect about the building, are made available.

Who handles the after-sales issues? Is there a point of contact/coordinator?

Michael Rijnhart is the operational manager of Hacienda el Sueño and ensures that after-sales problems are solved by the right people.

VVE questions

What is the VVE contribution per month?

The contribution to the VVE is approximately 225 per month. In the future, the members of each VVE can take joint decisions to adjust the contribution if necessary.

How is this determined?

The contribution is calculated according to Spanish legislation based on the size of the apartment (and terraces). The external company that conducts the administration of the VVEs will determine the exact amounts in the coming weeks on the basis of the latest quotations (for example, the mandatory annual maintenance of the lifts).

Has the VVE already been established?

Before the apartments are transferred, the VVE was established and administratively arranged by a professional company. The administration is carried out by an external company. In the purchase agreements, the seller is authorized to arrange this - until the transfer of ownership.

How are voting rights regulated? How often does meeting take place?

Only the joint owners are entitled to vote. There is at least one general meeting per year. Depending on the decisions to be taken, sometimes unanimity is necessary (for changing the statutes), sometimes 3/5 (for changing maintenance) and further according to the rules in the Spanish law for apartment rights.

Does each building have its own VVE? How is the board formed?

Each building has its own administration. The buildings together form a so-called macro-VVE.

Are costs for maintaining the swimming pool, fitness equipment, heating and maintenance swimming pool for the account of the VVE?

No, these facilities are not part of the common property. The macro VVE has a long-term agreement for the use of the general facilities, including the swimming pool and for the maintenance of common areas and green areas.

Who pays for the costs of electricity and water consumption in the restaurant?

This is the responsibility of the owner or operator of the restaurant.

Is the garden maintenance done by permanent people?

The garden maintenance for the apartments is provided by the VVE, the general green is maintained through the aforementioned long-term agreement.


How does the rental link work?

The rental of apartments is housed in our 'digital planning board' Tommy. Tommy has direct connections with tour operators.

It is also possible to book directly via the website

A direct link to each apartment is available for owners who wish to promote their property themselves, for example on their own website or elsewhere. This will become clear and usable for the owner after the transfer of ownership.

How are the proceeds? What are the costs? How and when will the proceeds be paid out?

There are 3 options for recruiting tenants; through Hacienda el Sueño (fee 25%), through the owner himself (fee 20%) or through a tour operator (fee 30%).

Every month a statement is ready in the vicinity of the owner in Tommy. Normally, depending on whether the statement from the tour operators is received in time, the statement will be paid within 14 days.

Which tour operators do you work with?

There are connections with several tour operators, including Roompot (NL), Bungalowspecials, De Jong Intratours and a whole series of smaller local travel agencies. A series of local providers such as will follow.

How is own use included in the rental?

Via the 'own environment' in Tommy, an owner can reserve the apartment as desired, for example for personal use or maintenance.

An important part of the Tommy program is the turnover distribution system. The incoming bookings are automatically distributed as evenly as possible within the various object types. The least rented apartment will automatically receive a booking first. Bookings for own use also count, but for a limited percentage. For bookings of own accommodation made up to 21 days before arrival, 75% of the accommodation costs count towards the turnover count and for bookings made between 3-21 days before arrival, the turnover counts for 50%, within 3 days before arrival the turnover does not count in the revenue distribution.

How do flexible rents work and how do they follow the market?

Because the market is transparent and most tenants worldwide book digitally via booking pages, the market also (largely) dictates the rents. Hacienda el Sueño therefore also uses flexible rental prices. Prices are adjusted weekly on the basis of market forces based on supply and demand.

How do the 'hotel services' work and who does this apply to?

Holiday rentals are exempt from VAT in Spain, unless so-called 'hotel services' are provided. There are owners who want to rent with VAT, so that they can settle the VAT on the purchase with the tax authorities.

The hotel services are performed by an external company and charged periodically. We expect the costs to be around 15 euros per rented week.


After each use, the apartment is checked and cleaned by an external company. What are the costs?

The final cleaning costs have not yet been definitively determined, but have been estimated on the basis of a number of experiments. There will eventually be a price per cleaning per type of apartment. The costs will be charged to the tenants.

We can also provide a clean and well-kept apartment for the non-renting owners.

Is cleaning included in the rental rates?

The cleaning and inspection is paid by the user and is not part of the rental price. There is also a (mandatory) final cleaning when used by the renting owner himself, so that the apartment is 100% ready for the tenants again.

Is washing of bed linen and towels part of the rental rates?

This is also paid by the tenant and he also receives some personal items from us.

Wifi Internet & NL-Ziet

Are these costs included in the VVE contribution?

Internet and the monthly costs for NLZiet with all Dutch channels are not included in the VVE contribution. The costs for internet in Spain are approximately 25 euros per month, the costs for NLZiet are approximately 8 euros. Within the VVE we try to reduce the costs for internet to 15 euros. Further information will follow.

Is internet and NLZiet mandatory?

Yes, tenants expect fast internet and we see Dutch channels as an added value and become part of our marketing.

Contents insurance

The building insurance is included in the VVE contribution. Is home contents insurance still required?

The hull of the buildings and common areas are insured through the VVE. The contents, which in Spain also include the kitchen, bathroom and interior walls, can be insured by the owner himself if desired.

Who can arrange this for us?

We already have proposals for a number of apartments, via Insurance Masters where Dutch is spoken.


Is there security?

There is a camera system that we are currently expanding and until the apartments are used we work together with a security company.


What are the opening hours?

Richard Davies is the manager of Vista Lago. He also envisages a regional function, which will make it possible to keep the restaurant open all year round. A 7-day opening is envisaged from May to October. The exact opening hours will partly be a result of the try-outs. This also takes into account breakfast, arrival of guests, holiday periods and holidays.

Are there benefits for owner and/or tenants?

Of course! Richard, the restaurant manager, attaches importance to this.

Shuttle service

Is there a shuttle service available?

We try to set up a shuttle service to/from a beach in the first full season, based on needs. However, there are countless nice destinations in the region of Hacienda el Sueño, which makes the use of the Uber App highly recommended because of its speed, accuracy and limited and clear costs.

Practical information and emergency numbers

Where can owners and tenants find practical information?

The first version of our own Hacienda el Sueño App is now available in the App store of Android and iOS (for Android search for 'Haciende al Sueño', or click here. For iOS search for 'De Recreation App' and choose in the app 'Hacienda el Sueño', or click here).

Not only is the app the ultimate travel guide for your stay in Mijas, it is also your manual for all practical matters. The app is updated weekly and all suggestions are welcome.

Every tenant is also encouraged to start using the app.


What times is the reception open and how to reach it?

The Vista Lago restaurant, mini market and reception are integrated into the main building.

The reception is open 7 days a week from 09:00 to 17:30, arrivals and departures outside these times are also possible.

The reception can be reached via our central telephone number (see also the website

Minimarket on location

What are the opening hours and is there fresh bread daily? Or does that have to be pre-ordered?

When the main building is open, so is the mini market. There is a fresh bread supply, but we do ask that you order it via the Hacienda el Sueño App or on site in good time (restaurant or reception).


What's in each apartment? From crockery to Smart TV?

An inventory list is available.

Duvets sizing?

140x200 cm, cushions 60x70 cm

Bed linen, duvet cover sets, sheets and pillowcases can be rented at the reception and standardized with a view to rental. Hand and tea towels, bath towels, beach towels, etc., ditto.

Annual municipal costs

What should we count on?

The municipality calculates IBI (tax on real estate) and Basura (waste tax). The exact amounts are expected to follow around the summer on the basis of the cadastral registrations, but are now estimated at 450 and 70 euros per year respectively.

Can we receive mail?

Yes, the mail is delivered to our reception and is kept there.