Our resort

Hacienda el Sueño consists of four stylish apartment buildings. On the estate, a unique range of facilities is realised, which in our opinion should not be missing at a nice holiday at the Spanish coast. Our aim is to ensure that you lack nothing during your short or long stay in your own flat in Spain.

More about Hacienda el Sueño

It is important to us that you feel comfortable with us and can enjoy your time to the fullest. Therefore we are present, reachable and happy to help you every day. Every day of the year!

You will also find the facilities to help you do this. The lobby where you can easily walk in with your questions, but also the swimming pool, the sports hall, the restaurant, the shop and the beautiful places on the estate contribute to this. Even your car is thought of, with a safe place in the garage below your flat.

The weather in Mijas

In Mijas the average temperature is 18ºC. In summer it is not extremely warm here and in winter it is never very cold. If you go further into the mountains, the temperature can drop to 10ºC. Even in Mijas it can sometimes freeze, but only above 600 metres.

The months of November and January have the highest rainfall. On average there will be 600 mm of rain during the year. Are you higher in Mijas, namely above 600 meters? Then the precipitation can reach 800 mm per year. 

Use and/or rent out your flat yourself?

The winters in the south of Spain are sunny and an attractive alternative for the cold winters in northern Europe.

Hacienda el Sueño has an official residential destination and that gives you the choice to use your apartment as a holiday destination or as a residence for yourself.

In addition, you have the freedom to choose to rent out your apartment through the good relations of Hacienda el Sueño, which can generate a nice return on investment. If you want to rent out the flat, we will take care of that for you. Our years of experience guarantee a good return, depending on your own wishes. If you rent out the apartment, everything will be taken care of by us so you don't have to worry about it. Except for your periodic settlement of the rental income of course.

Living, holidaying, investing, or a bit of everything, whichever scenario you choose, we will arrange it for you!

Enjoy luxury amenities

The estate will feature an outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful lagoon with a beach, a gym, a concierge service, lobby and a restaurant for you and any guests to use and enjoy all the luxury. All year round, every day.

Discover the facilities

Discover the versatile surroundings

Sunbathing on the Costa del Sol, visiting a beautiful Spanish village or enjoying a cool drink at one of the many terraces in the area? This is all possible within a few kilometres of Hacienda El Sueño. This way, you can have a quiet holiday one day and be out and about the next. All to your own wishes from your own flat.

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